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Nowadays, there are more specialized centers for the best hair transplant in Chennai available to carry out hair transplants. But, to choose the professional hair transplant clinic, you must keep several aspects in mind so that you can decide in an informed, conscious, and safe way, before committing to performing your hair restoration surgery. 

Five things to check to find the best clinic

If you don’t know where to start, ask the following questions before having your transplant or hair implant:

1 – About your doctor

How do you choose a hair restoration doctor? Who will assess your hair loss and recommend a treatment plan? What are the academic qualifications, specialized training, licenses, and experience in treating hair loss? What should you look for when selecting the right doctor for you? These are some questions which you need to consider when hiring the best hair transplant center in chennai . Generally, men are the ones who most look for the hair implant, since they are also the most affected by hair loss problems. According to the WHO, approximately half of the male population is prone to lose a part of the wires. By the age of 50. The man’s scalp suffers from a dysfunction caused by genetic inheritance, resulting in Dihydrotestosterone. The hormone is responsible for thinning the hair, which leads to the fall.

2 – About your clinical team

Who will be involved in your surgery? What will be their roles? Do they have the required license, qualification, experience, and training? Is everyone involved in your operation covered by Civil Liability Insurance? The hair transplantation is the precursor of the implant. And it is carried out today by using the patient’s hair follicle taken from an area not affected by alopecia. The hair implant is a more recent surgical procedure, performed with artificial hair. The synthetic wires are implanted through a graft in the affected area. They present immediate results. However, there is a gradual rejection by the organism. Since no material applied is 100% biocompatible. 

3 – About the solutions available

What is the difference between the FUT, FUE, and DHI technique? What is the difference between the capillary prosthesis and the Biofibre implant? Although baldness is the main reason that leads men and women to opt for surgery. The procedure is also indicated in traction alopecia cases, for beard transplant, scars on the scalp, and eyebrow transplant. To be sure about hair implant choice, the patient must undergo careful evaluation, carried out by the best hair transplant in Chennai specialist, who should diagnose the problem accurately. And indicate the best treatment. Usually, the doctor wants to try procedures carried out using topical medications and also orally. According to the patient’s organism’s response, this treatment is continued, or the hair implant option is chosen.

4 – About the treatment procedure

How long will your process take? Consider that many surgeries require multiple systems. We recommend that you try to clearly understand the time commitment needed to achieve the desired results. Will it be painful? Many patients, particularly men, may be reluctant or hesitant to ask about the level of pain they are expected to experience during the procedure. Currently, the pre and post-operative methods used for hair transplantation can make you feel comfortable and relax with your surgery. Although the hair implant is a lengthy surgical procedure, recovery tends to be very fast. In general, between 7 and 10 days, the traces of surgery are no longer visible.

5 – On the prices of hair treatments

How much will it cost? The clinical team encourages patients to be open and honest about financial issues before surgery, as it is a process rarely covered by insurance, deductible, and co-financed. These issues should be discussed in the initial phase. If a payment plan is necessary, both the patient and the doctor will benefit from an explicit discussion on this matter. Currently, hair transplantation is the second most-consumed cosmetic surgery by men. However, many women also perform the procedure when they have constant and significant hair loss, causing baldness.

Conclusion: Be aware of fake news

There are various misleading and exaggerated terrible advertising practices, alleging that hair restoration surgeries are performed without scars. Some even claim that operations were performed entirely by a robot. The fact is that any incision that pierces the skin will cause a spot. For this reason, your surgeon must be able to solve your baldness in the least invasive way possible.

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